Friday, August 24, 2007

I have been AWOL and seem to have eluded my knitting stalkers.....

If you can't tell I have been AWOL from this blog for a while....I moved, unpacked, had to look for a job so I would not be an unemployed bum, and ..... oh yes been knitting my brains out finishing my Harry Potter Gryffindor House Scarf! It is finished and I'm really proud of myself. This is my second knit project aside from the "cat scarf" I did, oh about almost three years ago now. The scarf was knitted in the round using Plymouth Encore yarn in 0999 (about 5 -6 skeins...I lol lost count) and 1014 and just shy of one skein on size 9 bamboo circle needles. The yarn called for size 8 but 9's were all I could find in Vegas. I then crocheted a border/binding on the ends so they would not roll up as stockinette annoyingly will.

I pretty much started this Scarf the night of the book release for the last (/cry) Harry Potter book party at Borders. Borders being the rat bastards that they were I could not get a book that night but got up at the crack of dawn and ran to Walmart the next day when I discovered that being the rat bastards that they are were NOT going to deliver my book the day of the release as they promised for which I was NOT going to wait another 5 days to wait for.

Many of the Las Vegas Hookers were at Borders that night where we tried to pass our O.W.L's in Harry Potter knowledge ( I received a W, for which I failed to live up to Hermione's academic excellence... /cry) and knitted or crocheted for hours till the book was released and I had to go home empty handed, but had fun with friends and other Harry Potter fans.

Speaking of which I apparently had knitting While I was knitting furiously away at my Gryffindor scarf there were a pair of teen girls standing across from me obsessed with watching my house scarf magically materialize.....ok not as magically as Hermione's knitting elf hats but defiantly more stylish than Mrs. Weasley's questionable and oft made fun of knitted jumpers. If they could only have seen the finished product!

*****Warning****** Do not read below this line if you have not finished the 7th book.

Now if you have been living under a rock and are the last people on earth to not know what happened at the end of book seven....Don't read any screaming to your unfinished book and READ...because the following will spoil it for you!

Going into book 7 I knew some people would die but here was my wish list that I hoped would happen in the book before I even set eyes on it:

1.) That Ron and Hermione would get over fighting (for the love of God!) and get to snogging like everyone else on earth wanted them to do and to quit acting like they didn't like each flash....We all knew you wanted to jump each other from the first book...why it took you seven years to figure it out......!

2.) That Harry would marry Ginny! I'm a hopeless romantic and wanted Harry to be happy after all the loss in his life. They made a cute couple!

3.) That someone would please cap that *expletive deleted* Bellatrix!

4.) That Snape was a good guy and that he would somehow be redeemed for making me cry after he killed Dumbledore!

5.) And last but not least that Harry would live and He Who Must Not Be Named would burn for all eternity.

I got everything I wanted! But sadly some nice characters had to die along the way....The Lupin's, poor Hedwig, Doby (If I have ever hated a fictional character more it would be Bellatrix for murdering Doby!), Mad Eye, countless Hogwarts students and so on.

I was happy that Hermione snogged Ron, because lets face it Ron would never had had the guts to do it and we all know now and well lets face it from book one that Hermione had always worn the pants in that Ron needs a strong woman and he got one, if for nothing else but to kill spiders for him... /rolls eyes.

I was happy that Harry and Ginny got married. It was a perfect ending for me =).

I have to give Mrs. Weasley huge props for killing Bellatrix, who knew the questionable knitter and forever magic using, for almost exclusively cooking, was a deadly skilled spell caster. Never mess with a mom!

I knew Snape was a good guy, he just didn't know how to show it. Cheers for the best double agent ever in lit!

I wish He Who Must Not Be Named would have suffered more, but then that is not Harry's style. Well let's just hope he stays dead and does not try and make trouble for Harry, Ginny's, Ron's and Hermione's kids. Voldermort makes a good corpse!

/cry no more Harry Potter books.....