Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dinner and a Movie

I had fun last night even if he still was a gentlemen, ha ha. Just kidding. He cooked me a nice dinner, which was very good =) and we watched one of his DVD's. His two cats are adorable and very sweet. He was very nice to me and was a gentlemen, so the wholesomeness of the dates continue but then I like him the better for it =). He is a very hard person to read sometimes so it is hard to know what he is thinking but then don't want anything pushed so just having fun. =)
He didn't try the yawn and stretch so was a little disappointed but oh well =) Part of me is sort of offended he didn't but...

Miss you guys!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Datum Nr. Zwei

It means "date" number two. Last Monday was date number two, Bowling and Mexican food. He drove out to my town and I took him to the exciting bowling ally. My purpose was this, even if the date would have been Homer Simpson's dream experience and not very romantic, I wanted to see if he could play a game and 1.) Not gloat that he won, 2.) Pout if he lost, 3.) Had to be competitive even though we were there just to have fun. I'm happy to report that he didn't do any of the three aforementioned sins, though I think he was a little embarrassed his score was a little low, but in a good way not in an arrogant I want to show off way. We bowled four games, he won the first three and by some divine intervention I managed to snag the fourth with a 48....ROFL, but in his defense his finger was starting to swell up and hurt as he could not find a ball with finger holes big enough for him and he really could not bowl well with a finger still stuck in ball when he let go of it....OUCH.
We then went down the street to a Mexican restaurant, not the best but then we don't have half a city of illegals working in our restaurants making great food like Vegas does (you know it's true.) He then drove me back to my house and I know he wanted to walk me to my door and kiss me but he didn't want to as the living room curtains were open and my mom was sitting there.....damn it! He was cute, he said, "well let m walk you to the door," then stopped...blushed and said, "maybe not your mom is there..., " it really was cute. I have to say he is a gentleman and yes he has treated me very nicely and I enjoy being around him.

I was talking to the girls at work and this is what I figured out about myself. I'm attracted to a certain type of guy, both in looks and behavior....which is not good. If you lined all the men I have ever been attracted to up they would all look very similar and would all act very similar as well. Very good looking and a real asshole to boot. /sigh why do I like this? I don't know. I think I like the confident charm and the rakish playboy attitude in the beginning because it is fun, and starts out with a little sexual thrill. But in the end I'm always sad and hurt because they are all pricks, I secretly knew this in the start but chose to ignore it because it would ruin the good time and hoping that stupid dream that a playboy can someday be a prince. I then end up berating myself about being a schmuck magnet when it was my poor judgment or blind judgment that got me in this mess in the first place. Especially hoping a horses ass would turn into an exciting (but kind) prince. Wrong.

I have been thinking really hard about why I fell so fast in love with X and got married to him. He had the confident charm and rakish aura I love, I just don't know why I didn't have the prick alert go off with him when he so glaringly was one. He was a master manipulator and charmer so maybe I was fooled or did I really really ignore it and still can't recall it about him when I was first with him and ...why? I'm very concerned about this because I really don't want to make the mistake twice. X was a perfect gentlemen till after we got married then became a prick on the wedding night when he pouted when he didn't get something he wanted, and made me feel like crap....

If I didn't spot it that time, how the hell will I spot it again if it is right under my nose and I can't see it?

So far Dave is a very nice guy and he is not anything like what I'm attracted to in the past. I don't have the fun butterflies I get when I see him like I always get with the usual asshole suspect but, I really enjoy his company and I'm not stressed out nervous with him wondering (how I'm going to explain I don't want to have sex but I hope you still want to date me even if your not going to get anything), like with just about all the other guys I have been out with....knowing when that speech is over I will get the, "your such a nice girl, and I don't think we should date anymore line. I'm usually worried when on a date about when the guy is going to make a move and grab my boob and kiss me, with Dave I KNOW he will not make a move to my mid section, but wishing he would kiss me already.....lol. I have a rule not to kiss on the first date but I have to say I was sort of, ok really, disappointed he didn't on the second.

I will be going on a third date with him this coming Monday and he sort of casually mentioned he would like me to come over to his house to cook me dinner and maybe....watch movies....I sense the /yawn and stretch out the arms move coming...hehe....what do you think? We shall see... =)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Learning a new position.... =)

All of you in Stripperland will be thinking with that title....omg she is finally having sex again! Ha Ha...no.

I signed up for an adult ed class that meets every Tuesday night...got knitting and crochet back on Tuesdays....sad thing is it is not very fun, well when compared to the Cosmo swilling, sex fest I'm used to..../sigh....good times....

This class has about two girls my age and the rest of the class are women 70 and up and I mean UP. Which is ok as most of them have been knitting and crocheting for a real long time, it just makes for bad conversation when you want to talk about blogs (Crazy Aunt Purl) and such when most have not the slightest clue what a blog is. So my teacher is not what I hoped for either. She is nice, well that is a relative term I guess because the first time she tried to help me she really ticked me off! See, as you all know I can knit like nobody's business in the round but not so hot with the flat knitting. I picked out a pattern I wanted to do (a cable) and she looked at me like I was crazy to want to learn how to knit on a cable.....so what....I know it's hard but why pick something easy. So I was casting on with crochet and she about had a heartattack, she said.... I was casting on wrong...ok so I let her show me another way which I learned very fast but could have done without the look of contempt when she saw my hook.... Then I was knitting and she freaked out and took my needles away from me stating in a very scathing and contemptuous tone, "we don't knit that way on this continent (English Style), this is the proper way to knit in this country (Continental Style). Anyone who knows me well enough knows what my mouth wanted to do at this moment....."Who died and made you the KNIT NAZI!?" Though this time I managed to keep that particular comment in my inner monologue though I do think that it was warranted, I was a good girl for once, but not entirely. I have been practicing the English Method all week so I can sweetly say to her when she freaks again, "Well I think knowing and practicing more than one position with a stick is more enjoyable than just one boring position, don't you think?" But then I'm sure it will fly right over her head.......ROFL. I'm sure she is a very nice lady but I miss the openness of the group in Vegas. Hell you could hold your knitting needle in your armpit if you wanted and nobody there would ever say anything there...../cry....ANGIE why can't you come here every Tuesday and teach our class..../cry.

I'm trying to be very patient but I'm not very tolerant with this class so far....it needs some spice and loosing up. Maybe I should suggest the topic of discussion, "sex toys," and see where it goes....or ask for advice on the best means of obtaining the correct measurements for a penis cozy? What do you think? ...... God I miss the discussions in Vegas.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Scary underwear and new lipstick....

What do scary underwear that suck in your tummy and new lipstick mean? You guessed it, a date. It is official I had my first date in 10+ years New Years day. I signed up for E-Harmony the day I found out I had a court date for my divorce. In my first five "matches" I was sent one for a guy named Dave and started talking to him. We have been talking to each other since July of last year and last Monday we finally met. He is a really nice guy, and has a lot of good potential: 1. He has a college degree, 2.) He cooks himself food everyday that does not involve a microwave and he does not think of Hot Pockets, Dorritio's and Dr. Pepper as food groups, 3.) He has two cats he spoils rotten, 4.) He as the same twisted sense of humor I do (very scary actually...if you stop to think about it...), 5.) Was a complete gentlemen on our date.

I'm really not used to going out on a date with a guy who does not try and grab my boob, overly hint sex is expected or asks my opinion on what we should do or where we should eat. Though I was not surprised by his polite manners as I put the poor guy through a game of 400+ questions since July before we ever met, so I knew going in he was not a jerk, player or all the other assorted bad men we have all had the displeasure to go out with one time or another. He tolerated the "Jamie Inquisition" of pre-dating so the fact he asked me out again is a good sign I have not scared him away...ROFL.

It felt really good to be with a guy who was nice to me and respectful. I really felt great about myself after the date and feeling that way with a guy after all this time a previous garbage was wonderful!