Thursday, September 13, 2007

I now have two children!

Everyone, please meet my new son...... Sir Percy Blakeney! Ok, so my new son is a fish....and my other son is a cat, picky...picky, someday I will have a human child but until then my kids have fur and scales.

So, by now you are thinking....Sir Percy Blakeney, wow nice name Jamie..../rolling eyes. For thoes you who are NOT English majors, Sir Percy Blakeney is Barroness Emmuska Orczy's hero in her novel....."The Scarlet Pimpernel," a dashing and handsome English aristocrat who pretends to be nothing more than a fop at home but secretly he is the disguised hero who risks his life to rescue people across the channel in Revolutionary France from the relentless blade of the guillotine! A fish with a huge red tail.....Scarlet Pimpernel.....get it......ok, so I like naming my pets after literary characters! =P You would too if you were an English Geek. So far Percy likes to try and hide behind the filter in his tank where I can't see him. Well, it is his first day in his new home but his tank is much better than the small plastic cup he used to call home up till this afternoon. As Fall is here, I need to get him a small heat light for the tank so he will not be too cold.