Thursday, March 6, 2008

I don't know if I am getting better

I have called off work for the past two days, but getting better seems to come and go. One minute I feel better and the next I get a fever again, or my throat feels better and the next I have a severe sore throat again =(. Thinking of calling off again as I'm so exhausted, just going up the stairs leaves me dizzy and light headed and I can't sleep to save my life. The stuff they gave me makes me really drunk like but I can't sleep, I just lie there and the room spins.

Oh my teacher can knit she was knitting socks at the meeting! She was knitting this really UGLY huge socks in plain stitch for her grandkids for Christmas Stockings out of Red Heart...they were purple and green stripped..looked like a Whoville sock from the Grinch Who Stole Christmas! And she was knitting on DPN's! She was annoyed with one: I was knitting English which for some reason really chapped her hide, two she kept making snide remarks because I refused to buy metal knitting needles, either for my straight needles or my dpn's, for some reason she thinks that bamboo is "amateur," and real knitters, "knit with metal" and would go on and on and on about how "expensive" bamboo is and how I was wasting my money, and three she kept making snide remarks about how slow I knit, Who the F cares!

She was a real *expletive deleted* if you ask me. She was very nice to everyone else except me, for some reason I can't explain. Might be she found out I was from California but the other young girl there was from Cali too and she was nice to her so I don't know. She would go on and on and on about how evil Bozeman and Missoula are (high concentrations of ex-Californians in towns about 100 miles east and west of here, FYI people here think most Californians are the I guess because of how much I stated I liked the two most people here are well....."sheltered". Most hardly ever leave the city, for any reason and think this place is the center of the universe and anything outside it they think is foreign and's very sad how most people here have a very narrow view of the world, which makes a person like me who has been all over the world and very broad minded seem evil....ROFL.

What it came down to I think is that she had a very high opinion about herself and what she thought she knew about fiber and knitting but in application sucked as a teacher and tried to cover it up with more self important air than she really possessed. She was annoyed because I didn't think she was so impressive as all the other students did as they fawned over her..... you know me and you know she didn't get any of that from moi =P.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I have been very, very sick.

I got sick last week and didn't think it would be too bad but like last year when I got sick it went into my chest last weekend and on Sunday I ended up in the hospital. Like an idiot I was working all last week and not taking it easy so by the time I got off work at midnight Sunday night I could not hardly breathe so I went to the emergency room. I can't take over the counter cold medicine like NyQuil anymore. They must have changed the formula because now when I take it, it does nothing than make me higher than a kite and hallucinate. I spend all night thinking there is dirt on my face and flowers are growing out of it..../sigh....last Friday night was not fun. On one hand if I was a druggie that might be a + seeing as how I could get high legally, but it's not my bag.

So I was coughing so bad there was some tiny spots of blood coming up and I was passing out so I had to take something so they gave me teaspoon of some medicine at the emergency room...holy crap that is some powerful stuff, and they gave me a prescription for the stuff to take at home. It is called Promethazine/Codeine. Apparently I have a much stronger reaction to it than everyone else because the nurse gave it to me and came back into the room like 15 minutes latter because I had to take a chest x-ray and my eyes were all glazed over, every time I went to put the kleenex to my nose I hit the side of my head and I could not stand mom was calling me "Drunk Girl". The nurse looked at me then at my mom and said, "I hope to God your the one driving home, I have never seen anyone get that way from this stuff." She then laughed and said, "I can tell you don't drink." And my mom replied, "yea, she is a cheap date, one teaspoon of cough syrup and she is drooling."

I looked up the med on the internet today and come to find out it is most abused by Southern Hip-Hop people and it is called, "Purple Drank," pronounced.... draaaaank. Apparently there are many, many hip hop songs about "Syrup" one of its many other Now my mom is giving me rash of crap about being a gangster I don't know how people can abuse it, I can't stand it the way it makes me feel, I only take it because it stops me from coughing my lungs out.

I'm feeling much better today, thanks in part because I slept from 6am to about 4:30 this afternoon....I'm still tired and going up the stairs to get water makes me have to sit on a chair in the kitchen for 5 minutes before I can do anything but another day of sleeping should make be better still.

I quit my knitting class

Last Tuesday was the last straw for me in putting up with my knitting teacher!

She refused to show me how to use dpn's though she showed someone else. She butted in on my knitting and counting and made me lose my place and when I asked her to help me find it she tinked out 60 stitches. I was so pissed. Needless to say I wont be back for the last three classes, what a monumental waste of money that class was! I'm just going to have to see if I can pay the nice lady in Bozeman at the Knit shop to help me one day with my sock! My knitting teacher was like why are you knitting a sock, that is stupid, why would you knit socks. I was like ummmm well lets see, every time I do a new project in knitting I do something different to learn some new techniques....guess that is stupid in your frame of mine but not mine. I guess it's hard to remember after 60+ years of knitting that new knitters actually need to learn.../rolls eyes.

Anyway I tinked my scarf again. It was too tight and it was bugging me. /sigh so not getting anywhere with my knitting.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cable Scarf take 6...../sigh

Well here is the cable scarf I have been working is just a simple cable but I'm proud of it =). Sort of hard to see the "cable" part but it is there.

The yarn is Patons Shetland Chunky in "High Plains Variegated." What you see done on the scarf now is almost an entire skein and measures about 20 inches so far. I think it is still a little tight but I'm leaving it as it is. I could not find larger needles here without sending away for them or driving 100+ miles to buy them so I just used what I had.

Really like it so far so I'm happy with my efforts. =)

Miss you all a lot.

Miracles Do Happen

Anyone who really knows me knows that I'm ummmm..."Numerically Challenged," which is a PC way to say, dumb as rocks in math. The highest grade in math that I have ever gotten is a C-....ever. Well as most of you know I had to take Introductory Algebra this last semester in the first of four math classes so I can graduate from College. I have put these math classes off till the absolute end because, frankly, I would rather have all my teeth pulled with no pain medication with a rusty pair of pliers out of the back of a back alley dentist's van than have anything to do with doing math in any shape or form. And if you didn't quite understand that...just to make it plain... I hate math with every fiber of my being.

I just got my grade back from my Fall Semester class......

I got a B!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm speechless. The day before I took the test my math tutor wanted to call 911 because I had a full blown panic attack in his office and honestly thought the outcome was not going to be a B when it was all said and done. The man deserves a medal for being the first person on the planet to explain math to me in some way that I apparently, mysteriously, absorbed and was able to pull a B out of la pass the class!

I think I deserve to buy myself some 100% silk yarn for this.... =). Now where to buy it from....(laughs evil). Don't you think? =) You know you should "reward" yourself....ha ha...

Friday, February 8, 2008

I got my invite!!!!! And a Holiday quandary.

I'm on Ravelry now, as you all know or should guess my user name is Strawbeary if you want to find me!

Ha ha, I haven't even looked around yet just wanted to post that I'm now on the site.

To Nobody, yes they can fire me at anytime in the first six months and they do not have to give me notice or tell me why. After six months I would have to nuke the building to qualify for

I'm looking for ideas for ideas for Valentine's Day. I have to work so I can't deliver it in person and he works late so don't want it delivered to his house. I have his mailing address though. I don't want to do anything psycho but I don't want to ignore the opportunity either. I have some ideas but.... he likes dark chocolate so I got him some but then I'm in a quandary about a card. I don't want anything kissy or psycho....but can't really find a good card at a shop anywhere. Ha ha my friend suggested I get one of those kids Valentines they pass out in class and put one on the chocolates to be silly and cute, but I don't know. She is trying to convince me to make a coupon for a "Free Kiss" when ever he wants to redeem it but I think that is kind of psycho. Thoughts?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The cable scarf was tinked

Well not exactly tinked, more like ripped out eagerly. It was nice but it was too tight and somehow I ended up with an extra stitch, I tried to tink it nicely but it was a mess so I ripped it out, then I got about a good three inches again and messed up and tried to tink and it ended very badly. I think I need to get bigger needles than I'm using to keep it loose, but I don't know. So I will try with attempt number six tomorrow because knitting when you are tired is not a good idea.....ends very badly.

My state job is ok but I keep having ideas of putting in elsewhere. I have never worked somewhere where people gossip, back stab and manipulate as much as goes on there. It is exhausting. I'm three months into my six month probation and it is giving me headaches. I wish I could have stayed in Vegas at the school district. =( I loved those kids to death and felt like I was making a difference, here all I worry about is office politics and how I will survive another three months till I get to know if I get to stay or not. Well at any rate I will be putting in for another state job close to my probation period being up and see what drama that produces, because I can't leave my self open for not having a way to pay my bills. You really don't get any notice there either, I have seen it happen, you go in one day not expecting anything, you are made to read a letter telling you that you are fired and given no reason...out of the blue.

I took my final exam in Algebra last weekend and have no clue if I will pass the class. I didn't do so well on the final so that is eating a whole in my stomach as well. I wish I had an outlet but have had to work over time so much I can't even go to my knitting class I paid for.

Stress, stress, no wonder I keep messing up in my knitting, have way too much on my mind!