Sunday, October 28, 2007

OMG Dumbledore is

Ok, well, I'm not that shocked at all. I pretty much assumed it when I was reading the books, especially when Dumbledore was talking a lot about his childhood and his "friend." I just think it is amusing, now all the right wing Book Burners, Thought Nazi's and Faux Christian nuts will have something new to fuel their hate for free speech and human I love it when authors miff off the crazies, they make themselves look even worse with very little effort.

Then again.....

Well, maybe the nuts are not that off base the books do contain some pretty horrible messages. If you sit and think about it, they actively promote controversial and society damaging actions such as: acceptance, love, good triumphing over evil, persistence and determination, respect, teamwork, selflessness, empathy, charity...just to name a no wonder "moralistic" people hate them so much, our whole society will go to Hell if kids learn these things!


If you hate to treat people with love, humor, respect and justice then burn as many copies as you can and God forbid don't let your kids read them, who the Hell knows what kind of adult they might turn into..../shudder. =P

Saturday, October 27, 2007

My name is Strawbeary and I'm a Yarn Pornaholic

My name is Strawbeary and I'm a Yarn Pornaholic. I have to confess I'm having withdrawals as I have not touched, rubbed, fondled or inappropriately caressed yarn since my Harry Potter Scarf was finished. /CRY. I have not knitted or crocheted since then either. Hopefully with my new job I will have time as I will have more structure and /gasp... wont be sleeping a 24 hour shift off.

I did buy an obscene amount of yarn Michaels had an awesome $1.00 bin I shamelessly grabbed all I could of not too long ago and it's really good stuff that goes for $5 or more dollars normally.

See I'm not even there in Stripper Land and I still allude to sex, sex, sex =P I'm still a Las Vegas Hooker, I just have more territory to work ;P. Thanks to Nobody =P I have my stripper/porn name now.....Princess Sizzle Glitter.....ROFL. It is killing me not to have a crochet meeting to go to!!!!!!! I have all this double entendre in me and nobody to share it with....ROFL.

Hugs everyone!!!!

Sir Percy is single again...

Well Sir Percy could not behave himself! I know now of many people who can keep male Betta fish with other fish but Sir Percy is not one of them. I have my sisters old 30 gallon tank set up in my family room and Marie Antoinette and Queen Elizabeth the I are now residing there. Sadly Eleanor of Aquitaine went to fishy heaven a day and a half after she came home but she will soon be resurrected once I go to Petsmart one of these Sadly I have to report that Marie Antoinette was prego for the past month (Platy fish are live bearing fish) but that she must have been under too much stress in her tank before her move to the huge one and she won't be having babies (if they are too stressed they will abort the babies and reabsorb them). But as Platy fish are sex happy no doubt she will be prego in no time (Platys can mate and store sperm for up to two years and have babies off of one "meeting" for that whole time!).

I swear to God I'm still alive =P

Wow I've been A.W.O.L again but with good reason. I started my new job this last Monday and have been in training and my math class started this week.....just an F.Y.I, my mind is mush.

When I first moved here I got a job as a Personal Care Attendant at a non profit residential home for adults with Traumatic Brain Injury's. It was a good job but I was sort of lied to at my job interview about my hours, and some other important matter pertaining to the job. I also was happy to get work but this job was 25 miles away and over a mountain pass, and where I live is not a great place to drive in the winter for obvious reasons. So after about a month of working 12 hour shifts with no breaks or lunch, 12 hour shifts where I got to go home for 3 hours and then come back to work for another 12 and working days, mids and graveyard all in one week several times a week in messed up combinations....I looked for another job....big surprise. This Monday I started a job as a Treatment Aid at the local state run Chemical Dependency Hospital....and it is a State Job with full benefits (which I didn't get working 40+ at the other job) set work hours and days, only 2 miles from my house and above average salary for where I now live. I'm so much happier now!

I'm learning a lot about how recovery works for addicts/alcoholics and why people end up that way. Just in this last week I have learned so many things especially about why "The Parasite" was the way he was, how addicted he was to certain things, and insights into mental illness (including his) and why and how it co-occurs with addiction. This by no means implys I forgive him for what he did to me but I really understand now just how sick he was (and sure that he still is) and that no matter what I did there was no way he was going to get help, change or what ever. Just in the last week an enormous burden of guilt for the mess my former marriage was in seemed to lift off me. I feel really sorry for him now, not that I forgive him, but for the fact that he is a product of his choices, and nothing I did or could have done would have changed him without his going for real intensive help. In a way though I feel sort of stupid now for all the effort and pain I caused myself beating a dead horse in trying to get him to ask for help and wanting so hard to make things right. I was not the person to make things right, he was and he chose not to. Though I guess hind sight is 20/20 and I'm not a bad person for truly loving someone and trying to get them get help, if I didn't I would not be the empathic and caring person I hope that I am and others perceive me to be. It's just that you can't make people want to change or to treat you better, either the do or they will and if they won't then I will take my love and compassion someplace where it will be appreciated.

It has been a really hard month for me, so many things happened this time of year....perpetrated by You Know Who. I have been having Night Terrors and other scary sleep problems for the past few weeks. I know it will pass by the end of next month and hope with the passing of time that it won't haunt me as much as it does now. I was really proud of myself! I just realized that my former wedding anniversary was two days ago....I didn't even think about it when I was writing the date on like a 1000 pieces of paper at only just now as I'm typing this hit me...ROFL. I think that is pretty good in spite of all things! Wow I'm sitting here thinking of the past few years and what a mess and how much of a mess I was and how happy I am now. Actually it's making me kind of upset though in a way. I keep thinking back to how low and depressed I was, how scared of him and what would happen to me, of some of the things that almost happened and have to say it is pretty scary looking at it from this end. Working with the people that I now do I really feel sort of sorry for them that they fell into drugs and booze, I can really see how someone can fall into it when things are wrong in their life. I really do have a new found appreciation, not that I never have, of my parents and family. Growing up sometimes you think your parents are these horribly unfeeling people who only exist to make your life miserable, then when you grow up all the love (for that is what it was they were teaching you and showing you) and guidance to give you the tools and strength to deal with life when it is a bowl of cherry pits and to keep you from doing things you shouldn't. That is not to say that people who fall into addiction were never loved, many were but that genetics has a part in making you prone to addiction, I just know for me my family and their love made all the difference in my life during the dark times of the past few years and I know it helped me to stay away from things that would have hurt me more and hurt them as well. That is why I feel sorry/pity for You know Who, but I'm glad I feel happier for myself .

Monday, October 1, 2007

Sir Percy's Harem

Picture coming's battery is dead at the

Sir Percy is a lucky fish...he now lives with three Today I went to PETCO and was looking at the fish and the guy who works in the fish department asked me if he could help me. I didn't think you could have other fish with Betta's, and it seems I was wrong. You can have other fish in a tank with a Betta provided you observe a few rules....

{Oh and I learned how to "sex" fish, male from female.....ROFL. I asked the guy, "What do you do peek under a fin? Is that how you tell?" and apparently that is what you do....let's just say male fish have an "extra" tiny fin and leave it at}

1.) No other male fish. Seems male Betta fish can't get along with other male Betta's or for that matter, male fish of other species. No comment...hehe (and there is one I could make, but I'm behaving myself =P ).

2.) The female fish can't be the same color as the Betta they will be shacking up with. Seems male Betta's have boy hormone no comment. =)

3.) The other fish can't have large or flaring tails, they have to be short and narrow. Yeah....I not going to touch that one...but I could...ROFL.

So I got three Platy fish to keep Percy company. Two are yellow and redish and they are named Elenor of Aquitaine and Queen Elizabeth I. The other one is silver with sapphire polka dots starting in the middle and going to the tail, her name is Marie Antoinette. Marie, as it turns out, is 'special' She spends all of her time darting up and down the side of the tank and acting quite neurotic and mental. Maybe they make a liquid Thorazine for fish?

And what does Sir Percy think of his new tank mates? He checked them all out like any guy would and then spends his time strutting around the tank showing off his fins..../sigh, even male fish are He has not attacked the other fish, he just finds them interesting and behaves himself....for now. Now if I wake up in the middle of the night and he is playing mood music and inappropriately flaring his 'fin' then I've got problems. Nobody is getting sex in my house if I don't have a 'friend' to have some with!!!!! =P Yeah like that will happen any time soon.

Sir Percy seems to like Marie Antoinette the most, he follows her around a bit and stares at her a lot, don't know what the attraction is....maybe he just likes high strung women?

I also got Percy and his harem a new tank and he seems to like this one a lot better than the old one. He just sat in the corner of the old one or behind the filter and did nothing. In this one he swims around and seems much happier.