Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I have been very, very sick.

I got sick last week and didn't think it would be too bad but like last year when I got sick it went into my chest last weekend and on Sunday I ended up in the hospital. Like an idiot I was working all last week and not taking it easy so by the time I got off work at midnight Sunday night I could not hardly breathe so I went to the emergency room. I can't take over the counter cold medicine like NyQuil anymore. They must have changed the formula because now when I take it, it does nothing than make me higher than a kite and hallucinate. I spend all night thinking there is dirt on my face and flowers are growing out of it..../sigh....last Friday night was not fun. On one hand if I was a druggie that might be a + seeing as how I could get high legally, but it's not my bag.

So I was coughing so bad there was some tiny spots of blood coming up and I was passing out so I had to take something so they gave me teaspoon of some medicine at the emergency room...holy crap that is some powerful stuff, and they gave me a prescription for the stuff to take at home. It is called Promethazine/Codeine. Apparently I have a much stronger reaction to it than everyone else because the nurse gave it to me and came back into the room like 15 minutes latter because I had to take a chest x-ray and my eyes were all glazed over, every time I went to put the kleenex to my nose I hit the side of my head and I could not stand up....ROFL...my mom was calling me "Drunk Girl". The nurse looked at me then at my mom and said, "I hope to God your the one driving home, I have never seen anyone get that way from this stuff." She then laughed and said, "I can tell you don't drink." And my mom replied, "yea, she is a cheap date, one teaspoon of cough syrup and she is drooling."

I looked up the med on the internet today and come to find out it is most abused by Southern Hip-Hop people and it is called, "Purple Drank," pronounced.... draaaaank. Apparently there are many, many hip hop songs about "Syrup" one of its many other names...lol. Now my mom is giving me rash of crap about being a gangster druggie....lol. I don't know how people can abuse it, I can't stand it the way it makes me feel, I only take it because it stops me from coughing my lungs out.

I'm feeling much better today, thanks in part because I slept from 6am to about 4:30 this afternoon....I'm still tired and going up the stairs to get water makes me have to sit on a chair in the kitchen for 5 minutes before I can do anything but another day of sleeping should make be better still.

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nobody said...

I'm sorry you are soo sick :( I'm glad they gave you the good sh!t though!!
Feel better soon.