Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I quit my knitting class

Last Tuesday was the last straw for me in putting up with my knitting teacher!

She refused to show me how to use dpn's though she showed someone else. She butted in on my knitting and counting and made me lose my place and when I asked her to help me find it she tinked out 60 stitches. I was so pissed. Needless to say I wont be back for the last three classes, what a monumental waste of money that class was! I'm just going to have to see if I can pay the nice lady in Bozeman at the Knit shop to help me one day with my sock! My knitting teacher was like why are you knitting a sock, that is stupid, why would you knit socks. I was like ummmm well lets see, every time I do a new project in knitting I do something different to learn some new techniques....guess that is stupid in your frame of mine but not mine. I guess it's hard to remember after 60+ years of knitting that new knitters actually need to learn.../rolls eyes.

Anyway I tinked my scarf again. It was too tight and it was bugging me. /sigh so not getting anywhere with my knitting.


nobody said...

If you were here, I'd help you :(
She probably does not know how to knit socks, that's why she is trying to make you feel bad for wanting to do it.

Angie said...

I wish you the best...no one should be treated like that by a "teacher". And I agree with Margie, she probably doesn't know how to knit socks (and as far as knitting socks being dumb, she should probably do a google search and see just how many dumb people there are, geez!).


And I am glad you are feeling better. There has been something going around kicking everyone's butt.