Thursday, February 7, 2008

The cable scarf was tinked

Well not exactly tinked, more like ripped out eagerly. It was nice but it was too tight and somehow I ended up with an extra stitch, I tried to tink it nicely but it was a mess so I ripped it out, then I got about a good three inches again and messed up and tried to tink and it ended very badly. I think I need to get bigger needles than I'm using to keep it loose, but I don't know. So I will try with attempt number six tomorrow because knitting when you are tired is not a good idea.....ends very badly.

My state job is ok but I keep having ideas of putting in elsewhere. I have never worked somewhere where people gossip, back stab and manipulate as much as goes on there. It is exhausting. I'm three months into my six month probation and it is giving me headaches. I wish I could have stayed in Vegas at the school district. =( I loved those kids to death and felt like I was making a difference, here all I worry about is office politics and how I will survive another three months till I get to know if I get to stay or not. Well at any rate I will be putting in for another state job close to my probation period being up and see what drama that produces, because I can't leave my self open for not having a way to pay my bills. You really don't get any notice there either, I have seen it happen, you go in one day not expecting anything, you are made to read a letter telling you that you are fired and given no reason...out of the blue.

I took my final exam in Algebra last weekend and have no clue if I will pass the class. I didn't do so well on the final so that is eating a whole in my stomach as well. I wish I had an outlet but have had to work over time so much I can't even go to my knitting class I paid for.

Stress, stress, no wonder I keep messing up in my knitting, have way too much on my mind!

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nobody said...

That sucks that they can fire you like that! Is that only in your first six months? or can they justl let anyone go at anytime like that?