Friday, February 8, 2008

I got my invite!!!!! And a Holiday quandary.

I'm on Ravelry now, as you all know or should guess my user name is Strawbeary if you want to find me!

Ha ha, I haven't even looked around yet just wanted to post that I'm now on the site.

To Nobody, yes they can fire me at anytime in the first six months and they do not have to give me notice or tell me why. After six months I would have to nuke the building to qualify for

I'm looking for ideas for ideas for Valentine's Day. I have to work so I can't deliver it in person and he works late so don't want it delivered to his house. I have his mailing address though. I don't want to do anything psycho but I don't want to ignore the opportunity either. I have some ideas but.... he likes dark chocolate so I got him some but then I'm in a quandary about a card. I don't want anything kissy or psycho....but can't really find a good card at a shop anywhere. Ha ha my friend suggested I get one of those kids Valentines they pass out in class and put one on the chocolates to be silly and cute, but I don't know. She is trying to convince me to make a coupon for a "Free Kiss" when ever he wants to redeem it but I think that is kind of psycho. Thoughts?

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nobody said...

I don't think a kiss coupon is psyco. I like the little kid valentine card too. You could tape it to a little box of heart shaped tums. hahhaha