Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Miracles Do Happen

Anyone who really knows me knows that I'm ummmm..."Numerically Challenged," which is a PC way to say, dumb as rocks in math. The highest grade in math that I have ever gotten is a C-....ever. Well as most of you know I had to take Introductory Algebra this last semester in the first of four math classes so I can graduate from College. I have put these math classes off till the absolute end because, frankly, I would rather have all my teeth pulled with no pain medication with a rusty pair of pliers out of the back of a back alley dentist's van than have anything to do with doing math in any shape or form. And if you didn't quite understand that...just to make it plain... I hate math with every fiber of my being.

I just got my grade back from my Fall Semester class......

I got a B!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm speechless. The day before I took the test my math tutor wanted to call 911 because I had a full blown panic attack in his office and honestly thought the outcome was not going to be a B when it was all said and done. The man deserves a medal for being the first person on the planet to explain math to me in some way that I apparently, mysteriously, absorbed and was able to pull a B out of my.....la la la.....to pass the class!

I think I deserve to buy myself some 100% silk yarn for this.... =). Now where to buy it from....(laughs evil). Don't you think? =) You know you should "reward" yourself....ha ha...

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